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Drug abuse has many adverse effects, some of which are physiological and others that are social. Drug abuse has many destructive side-effects that dangerously impair the health of the abuser. Most of the effects of drug abuse are long-term and it is very difficult to wean the body from these dangerous effects. Drug abuse is known to cause ominous health problems to the user such as respiratory failure, heart attacks, and comas. The effects become critical if the person is abusing multiple drugs. If you’re experiencing any drug abuse effects please dial 800-234-8334 to speak with a counselor right away.

Some of the most dangerous effects of drug abuse are seizures, coma, nausea, and causing symptoms close to those of hangovers. If the drug that is abused is alcohol, the abuser is likely to get liver diseases, especially if he or she is a heavy drinker. Some of the effects to the liver include liver cancer, cirrhosis, fatty liver, and hepatitis. The diseases of the liver that are caused by drug abuse can cause other terminal diseases to the body as well. This is because the liver performs more than 120 functions in the body and when it is affected, it affects other parts of the body.

Drug Abuse Effects

Abusing hashish and marijuana can also produce fatal effects to the user. The heart beats rapidly and it leads to memory impairment. This is remarkably dangerous for those people who are schooling, as the schooling process becomes difficult because of these drugs. Marijuana abuse has some long-term effects, like a destabilized immune system, lung damage, infertility, and cognitive problems. Dangerous drugs like narcotics have fatal effects when abused. These effects include:

  • Death
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Circulatory depression
  • Respiratory depression

Scientific studies have shown that abusing drugs and alcohol causes cancer. The most common cancer caused by drug and alcohol abuse is the cancer of the upper digestive track. This cancer attacks the larynx, esophagus, mouth, and pharynx. Drug abuse in women who are close to menopause makes them susceptible to breast cancer. Drug abuse also makes one susceptible to skin cancer. Drug abuse additionally makes one susceptible to cancer of the stomach, colon, lungs, and pancreas.

Abusing drugs such as stimulants like amphetamines predisposes one to high blood pressure, blurred vision, high heart rate, dizziness, skin disorders, impotence, psychosis, tremors, and seizures. Abusing a drug like LSD is known to have such adverse effects like rapid heart rate, disorientation, nausea, depression, and paranoia. In some instances it is known to cause death.

It is significant to note that some drug abuse effects carry with them other serious health problems. For example, you might get high blood pressure. High blood pressure has several damaging effects on the body. One such effect is enlarging the left ventricles to such an extent that it cannot pump blood effectively. The result is that you are going to experience cardiac arrest, heart attacks, and heart failure. High blood pressure that comes because of drug abuse is also known to cause artery narrowing and damage to the brain. Thus, drug abuse has many harmful effects on the individual.

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