How Serious Can Drug Abuse Effects Be?

It is only the people who have not encountered the effects of drug abuse first-hand who ask how serious drug abuse effects can be. The effects of drug abuse can be quite serious. In most cases, they are life threatening and may even cause death. Drug abuse effects can be extremely serious, especially when they cause restricted arteries. In the case of artery restriction, the heart begins to pump blood at extremely high pressures.

The result is that the person who has narrow arteries is going to experience high blood pressure. In addition, the left ventricle of the heart is going to thicken. Pumping blood is going to become an uphill task for the heart. In the course of time, one is likely to experience heart failure. Cardiac arrest is another disease that is caused by drug abuse. Cardiac arrest is a disease that is almost incurable.

How Serious Can Drug Abuse Effects Be?

If you still do not know how serious drug abuse effects can be, then you should understand that drug abuse leads to a weakened immune system. This means that the body is vulnerable to the attacks of diseases. The body cannot withstand simple ailments. With a weakened immune system, it is remarkably easy to die because of small ailments. Some drug abuse effects lead to blood poisoning. Blood poisoning is a serious issue that leads to death in most cases.

Specialists who have studied the negative effects of drug abuse for a long time have come up with the conclusion that drug abuse effects are some of the leading causes of cancer. Drug abuse causes several types of cancer. It is known to cause colon, throat, lung, breast, and esophagus cancers. Cancer is a terminal disease that has no cure up to date. It is a scary disease that makes most people tremble. It is serious and has defied all treatment and leads to death, especially if diagnosed late.

Drug abuse effects can be serious, as one of the effects of drug abuse is liver disease. The liver is one of the most vital organs of the body. It performs over 500 functions in the body and when it is diseased the body suffers considerably. It is crucial to note that an ailing liver is a serious condition that means death. Liver cirrhosis is another serious condition that is caused by drug abuse.

Drug abuse effects can be serious as they cause brain damage. This leads to memory loss in most people. It is critical to note that when a pregnant woman begins abusing drugs, the child that is going to be born with some brain defects. This is especially so if the pregnant woman has been abusing drugs for a long time. Drug abuse has many serious health and social problems. It leads to family breakdowns through family separations, divorce, and isolation of family members. It also has serious repercussions for the entire society. Drug abuse effects can be remarkably serious.

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