What Are Drug Abuse Effects?

Drug abuse effects are the negative consequences of taking recreational drugs. They are the undesirable effects of doing drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, hashish, LSD, and other stimulants. These effects are not manifested immediately upon taking or abusing drugs. It is important to note that even prescription drugs, when used in the wrong way, are thought to be abused. They have adverse effects, some of which turn to be life-threatening. There are both short and long-term effects of drug addiction.

These drug abuse effects include consequences like loss of appetite and weight gain. It includes suffering from terminal illnesses like heart attacks and high blood pressure. It is important to know that one effect of drug abuse on the body might be the cause of other undesirable effects. For example, taking drugs is known to make most people overweight. The fact that they are overweight often brings them high blood pressure and cardiac arrest. Another effect of abusing drugs is that it may cause one to have a weakened immune system. When diseases attack that person, they are able to weaken him or her quickly.

What Are Drug abuse effects?

Most drug abuse effects are felt on the side of the user’s health. However, negative consequences of taking drugs are felt in many other fronts. One such area is socially. In this area, you will find that families cannot stay in peace because one of their members is taking drugs. You are going to find that there are conflicts between the person that is taking drugs and other members of society, especially immediate family members.

Financial conflict and struggles are other negative consequences of abusing drugs. Jealousies and arguments are undesirable consequences of abusing drugs. On the legal front, drug abuse is often going to plunge one into crime. Some of the most common crimes associated with abusing drugs includes property-related crimes, street muggings, and murder. The effects of abusing drugs are also felt on the roads as it is estimated that drug abusers cause 50% of all fatal accidents.

The most important thing to note with the effects of drug abuse is that the drug abuser feels the most terrible effects. The drug abuser is going to experience serious health problems like liver complications. Diseases of the liver caused by drug abuse are quite dangerous to the health of the individual. The liver is a critical organ that is central to the functioning of other body organs.

Seizures, comas, and nausea are some of the health problems that one is going to experience in the wake of drug abuse. In other circumstances, one is going to get respiratory failure or heart failure because of abusing drugs. It has been found that most types of cancer are associated with drugs. Drug abuse effects are real and expensive to treat and deal with. It is better to stay off drugs in order to avoid these effects.

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