Who Experiences Drug Abuse Effects?

You might not know who exactly experiences drug abuse effects. Many people in society feel drug abuse effects. There are those that experience drug abuse effects directly and those that do not. The first people who experience drug abuse effects are the abusers themselves. These people are going to experience negative health effects.

These people will end up suffering from drug abuse-related health consequences like cancer, heart disease, and narrowing of the arteries. Such people are going to experience vomiting, nausea, and headaches. These people are going to experience high blood pressure and an immune system that is weakened. In addition, these people are going to suffer from weight gain, diseases of the liver, and respiratory failure.

Who Experiences Drug Abuse Effects?

The other people who experience drug abuse effects are the family members of drug abusers. These are people like the children of drug abusers, the spouses of drug abusers, and the parents of drug abusers. These people suffer emotionally as they watch their relatives waste away in drug abuse. Family members experience separation, isolation, and divorce at the hands of drug abusers. Family members are also affected by drug abuse patterns that are undesirable.

In this way, the children of the family might be influenced into drugs because of the patterns of the parent that is abusing drugs. Unborn children experience the effects of drug abuse. This mostly comes as a result of their mothers taking drugs. In this, the brain of the child is affected. Unborn children might also be born with cancer because of the drug abuse habits of their mothers.

Family members are the people who withstand the worst of drug abuse effects because they have violence meted against them. They may be hurt physically or have their things thrown about or smashed by those among them that abuse drugs. Another effect that they are going to experience is that they are likely going to be cheated on when it comes to relationships. Drug abusers might grow distant and gravitate away from partners.

Family members are going to suffer, especially children who are caught up in a conflict they know nothing about. If the person that is on drugs is the breadwinner, then family members are going to suffer financially. They are also going to experience emotional pain and trauma. This is especially if the drug abuser is into manipulation, yelling insults and talking down to their relatives.

The wider community in which drug abusers live experiences the effects of drug abuse as well. This is because the drug abuser is going to commit crimes and other antisocial behaviors. Robberies and property-related crimes affect the wider community. When drug abusers cause accidents on our highways, it is the wider community that suffers. Overall, it is important to realize that we all experience the effects of drug abuse, even if we do not have drug abusers in our immediate family.

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